EEC NO 20/2014

Articles and Studies

  • Krzysztof Gorlach, Marta Klekotko, Piotr Nowak, Culture and Rural Development: Voices from Poland
  • Ann-Mari Sätre, Women in Local Politics in Russia: Coping with Poverty and Strategies for Development
  • Róbert Tésits, Alpek B. Levente, Appearance of European Employment Policy in the Rural Areas of Hungarian-Croatian Border Region

Research Reports and Materials

  • Katarzyna Zajda, Problems of Functioning of Polish Local Action Groups from the Perspective of the Social Capital ConceptTamara Lukić, Ivana Penjišević, Bojan Đerčan, Branislav Đurđev, Milka Bubalo Živković, Tanja Armenski, Politics in the Balkan Countryside: A Case Study in Serbia
  • Ivana Blešić, Tatjana Pivac, Snežana Besermenji, Andjelija Ivkov-Džigurski, Kristina Košić, Residents’ Attitudes and Perception towards Tourism Development: A case Study of Rural Tourism in Dragacevo, Serbia
  • Michał Głuszkowski, Socio-cultural and Language Changes in a “Cultural Island”: Vershina – A Polish Village in Siberia
  • Viktor Artemov, Olga Novokhatskaya, Everyday Activity of Rural Employees in Siberia.

Reviews and Information

  • Nigel Swain, Contextualising Poland’s Bitter Harvest
  • Wojciech Knieć, Towards Postproductivist Rural Areas
  • Krystyna Szafraniec, Common Agricultural Policy and the Polish Countryside. Review of the book by Wojciech Knieć
  • Jarosław Domalewski, Rural Areas and Agriculture in the Process of Globalization: Searching for Developmental Regularities
  • Anna Sitek, XXVth Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology Rural Resilience and Vulnerability: The Rural as Locus of Solidarity and Conflict in Time of Crisis
  • David L. Brown, Anna Bandlerova, Social & Economic Transformations Affecting Rural People and Communities in Central & Eastern Europe Since 1990

Classics of Central European Rural Sociology

  • László Kulcsár, Village, Town, Region. A Distinguished Hungarian Representative of Regional Science: György Enyedi (1930-2012)

In Memoriam

  • Włodzimierz Wincławski, Ryszard Borowicz (1945-2014) Researcher of Social Issues Concerning the Polish Countryside, Editor of “Eastern European Countryside”