EEC No 22/2016

EEC No 22/2016

Articles and Studies


  • Judit Keller, Katalin Kovács, Katalin Rácz, Nigel Swain, Monika Váradi, Workfare Schemes as a Tool For Preventing the Further Impoverishment of the Rural Poor
  • Maria Halamska, The Evolution of Family Farms in Poland: Present Time and the Weight of the Past
  • Martin Šimon, Josef Bernard, Rural Idyll Without Rural Sociology? Changing Features, Functions

and Research of the Czech Countryside

Research Reports and Materials


  • Eva Perger, Local Responses to the Structural Changes of National Development Policy in Hungarian Rural Regions
  • Svetla Stoeva, Opening the „Black Box” of Organic Agriculture in Bulgaria: the Problem with Top-down Institutional Development
  • Dávid Siptár, Róbert Tésits, Levente Alpek, Cultural and Regional Characterictics of Poverty Segregations (Based on the Examples of Hungarian Peripheral Regions)
  • Krystyna Dziubacka, Justyna Pilarska, Borderlands of the Countryside. Dilemmas of the Quality of Life – Experience of the Polish Transformation
  • Piotr Nowak, Anna Jastrzębiec-Witowska, Krzysztof Gorlach, Cooperative Movements in Rural Areas in Contemporary Poland: A Brief Comparison of Farmers’ Attitudes of Members and Non-memebrs of Coooperatives
  • Ioan Sebastian Jucu, From State-Socialist Ambitions of Romanian Rural Indutrialisation to Post-Socialist Rural Deindutrialisation: Two Case Studies From Romania
  • Bazyli Czyżewski, Jan Polcyn, Education Quality and its Drivers in Rural Areas of Poland
  • Renata Klufová, Current Delimitation and Typology of the Czech Countryside and its Importance for Rural Development

Reviews and Information


  • Elwira Piszczek, New Forms of Communication in Regional Development Planning Illustrated with an Example of Masterplanprozess “Mensch und Land”
  • Wojciech Goszczyński, Bridging Food Studies
  • Sylwia Michalska, Family Farming in Poland and in the World – Thematic Edition of Wieś i Rolnictwo [Countryside and Agriculture] Quarterly Magazine

Rural Sociology of Eastern and Central Europe


  • Hanna Podedworna, Fortieth Anniversary of IV World Congress of Rural Sociology in Toruń